About 50dives

Our 50dives mission is to introduce scuba diving to as many people as possible, to encourage diving safety and foster a genuine sense of stewardship for our nation’s waterways. Visiting and diving in a new state everyday is the plan, but our goal is to connect with people.

Dive Against DebrisOver a span of fifty days, our team will make a dive in every state to promote the sport of scuba diving in all its forms.

Every stop will be a new opportunity to meet and dive with locals. Through the support of dive shops and their instructors, dive masters and staff, we will spread the message that anyone can learn to dive, and that true diving adventures exist virtually everywhere… …even Kansas!

For those who already dive, every dive will be a continuation of a record-breaking Project AWARE, Dive Against Debris. It’s an opportunity to meet local pros, learn about classes and try out new gear. For those new to diving, many will be able to take their first underwater breath that day.


Beginning in the Spring of 2016, we will be the first to make a dive in each of the 50 United States, one per day, in just 50 days. During the journey, we will dive in nearly every environment possible, promoting the sport and our sponsors through advanced public relations, the Internet and social media, rolling signage, public appearances, local events, traditional media and other channels.

Dive plans will vary by location, but every stop will include the following:


  • Introduce the sport of scuba diving to local residents through PADI Discover Scuba Diving experiences.  Special focus will be given to disabled veterans, for whom, diving can provide a renewed sense of adventure and independence.
  • Promote scuba diving in every state by highlighting opportunities that exist for divers where they live.
  • Demonstrate the broadest possible range of diving activities, from shallow reef exploring to advanced technical diving and provide resources for divers and non-divers to expand their understanding of the sport.
  • Bring attention to issues that threaten our aquatic environment, and actively engage in fund raising for Project Aware and similar organizations.
  • Promote diving safety and bolster membership and support for DAN.