Dive Support

Onsite Diving and Event Supporters

Our entire expedition relies on the support provided along the way by local dive shops and dive operators. If you are the owner or manager of a dive shop, or belong to a club or other organization, we need your help.

Your Role

As mentioned, diving in every state is the objective, but getting people excited about diving and protecting the aquatic world is the real goal. For that reason, each stop is a major event, staffed and organized by people like you. We, along with ProjectAWARE, DAN and others will work hard to promote your individual dive event, but it will be your job to handle the logistics and provide staff.

Honestly, it’s going to be a lot of work, but probably the most fun you’ll have all year. Imagine, you’ve got hoards of divers, and potential divers onsite and excited to be a part of the action. During and after the event, it’ll be your job to maintain the enthusiasm and build lasting relationships. It’s good for your organization, good for the divers, good for our awesome industry and good for the environment. That’s a win, win, win, win!

What You’ll Do

As a local event sponsor, you’ll provide the following:

  • Promotional support, by distributing materials and helping us spread the word to your local diving (and non-diving) community
  • Onsite logistics including staffing, event management, parking, setting up tents, etc.
  • Diving operations, especially debris cleanup, organizing buddy teams, leading dives and PADI DSD experiences
  • Media relations, by providing details about the event to local TV and radio stations
  • Managing demo gear by providing functional support and handling logistics
  • Be an ambassador by promoting ProjectAWARE, DAN and other related organizations

It’s not about us. It’s about diving for everybody.

We need you. Ultimately, it will take hundreds of people throughout the United States to make this expedition possible. Making a dive in every state is an accomplishment, but only a true success if we, together, introduce and energize people to get out and dive.

What 50dives will do for you

It goes without saying that getting and keeping people excited about diving is good for business, but by being one of our local event sponsors, you’ll have the opportunity to gain exposure in other ways.

  • Your own landing page on 50dives.com. Along with details about the event, your page will highlight your organization, featuring staff and other information like product lines, classes, fun dives and more.
  • Link to your website.
  • Media releases, both national and local inviting press to cover, or even take part in the festivities.
  • National visibility through industry leaders.

So, how’s all this going to work?

As fun and exciting as this record-breaking dive event is, we realize we are asking a lot. It will be up to you to handle scheduling and make sure staff is available to set up tents and manage demo gear supplied by sponsoring manufacturers. You’ll have the flexibility to cater to the interests of your local community, but all events will include several core elements:

  • Branded collateral like banners, brochures, specialty items and giveaways.
  • Diving opportunities. Ideally, the event will take place at the dive site, where you’ll have Divemasters and instructors in the water with first time divers (PADI Discover Scuba Diving) as well as certified divers. The possibilities are endless. You may wish to offer guided tours, or for more experienced divers, Discover Tec or even the chance to “go pro.” It’s up to you. You know your market.
  • ProjectAWARE Dive Against Debris. The entire 50dives journey will be a record-breaking Dive Against Debris.
  • Promotion through local and national PR initiatives.

Once you’ve agreed to the terms of the sponsorship, we’ll build your landing page and provide a guide to setting up and running the event. Our people will contact you for logos, photos and key details about your organization to use on your landing page and other event collateral. You’ll then be provided brochures to distribute, along with signup sheets for divers and information about handling demo gear, etc.

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