Dive With Us!

The important thing is to get out and go diving. Whether you’ve been diving for years, or scuba is still on your bucket list, we invite you to join us.

Who can dive?

Dive Against DebrisAll of our dives will be supported by a local dive shop, scuba club, or other diving related organization that will have instructors and Divemasters on hand to lead underwater tours, and offer Discover Scuba Diving experiences. That means anyone, certified diver or not, can participate in a 50dives event.

To join in the fun, contact us using the form below, or check with the 50dives organizer in the state(s) where you’d like to dive.

Types of Dives

One of the most exciting things about diving in every state is the incredible diversity of diving opportunities. Imagine being on a Great Lakes shipwreck one day, a sink hole quarry the next, and a marine sanctuary the day after that. Our dives will span every possible environment, using all types of gear.

By nature, some of our dives will be deep or complex, requiring access by boat. Other dives (the majority of them) will be shallow and easily accessible by anyone. Details about how each dive will take place will be added to that state’s dive page as they become available.

The best thing to do for now is help us keep you in the loop by giving us a little information (form below). We’ll let you know as things progress in your state.

Let’s go diving!