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How you can help

Our goal is to promote safe diving and a pristine environment, not simply to make headlines. 50dives provides a unique opportunity to unify divers, dive operators, the diving industry and educate the public about the greatest sport of all time, as well as the critical issues that threaten it.

Please consider giving. Even a donation of $5 or $10 will help us reach our goal. Every dollar goes toward the cost of the expedition.

Who or what is 50dives?

We are just like you. At some point in our lives, we were introduced to scuba diving, and we’ve obsessed over it ever since. As our diving pursuits grew, we became instructors so we could share our passion with others whose lives would also never be the same.

One of the great things about being a diver is anyone can participate, but you never run out of challenges or new places to explore. And, that’s what 50dives is all about. Every day, in every part of the country, someone will say, “I’ve always wanted to try scuba.”

50dives provides an introduction to diving in the coolest possible way, by bringing together everything we love about diving; the people, the adventure, the gear, stewardship, friendship, lifelong learning, and wrapping it in a record-breaking event people want to get involved with.

50dives is made up of the combined efforts of diving organizations, clubs, local dive shops, manufacturers and conservation groups in every state. Each of our dives  plays a role within a much larger local event, where new divers can try scuba for the first time, and experienced divers learn about ways to make their underwater adventures even more exciting.

It’s a combination of a record-breaking dive schedule, ProjectAWARE Dive Against Debris, gear demo day, PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience and a local fun dive. It starts over in a new state every day!

Join Our Mission

50dives is less about being the first dive in all 50 states in 50 days, than it is about people and the environment. Our plan is to energize the diving community and encourage new divers to learn by providing a positive first experience underwater. We know, once you’ve tried scuba, you’re hooked, and more divers means more awareness. More divers also means more fun!

On virtually every dive, we find the discarded remnants from the activities of careless humans. Usually, it is aluminum and plastic, but there’s really no limit to what we find. Lawn chairs, engine blocks, lost clothing, fishing line–it’s a cornucopia of civilization’s refuse, and divers have a unique stake in cleaning up the mess.

The Scope of the 50dives Project

It’s difficult to describe just how large the 50dives project is. We’re not just traveling throughout the U.S. making dives. We’ve got to organize a major event in every state, virtually all at once. Each of these 50 major events must be perfectly in synch with the other 49. All of these need to be promoted and staffed. Diving equipment for demos must be delivered, set up and maintained.

Every dive site is different, yet each sponsoring organization needs to be equipped with everything necessary to successfully run what will likely be their biggest diving event of the year.

It is up to us to supply banners, brochures, schedules and promotional support including web, media, public relations, online media and more. We’ve got to coordinate the activities of the dive team and 50dives road crew, with the 50 organizations managing the individual dive sites.