Major Sponsors

Major Sponsorship Opportunities

50 dives in 50 states in 50 days is an ambitious plan, but we won’t consider it a success until we have reached hundreds of thousands of divers and would-be divers and helped them to grow in the sport. In many ways, the expedition has far less to do with the dives themselves than it does the opportunity to sustain nation-wide visibility for all aspects of the diving industry. In that sense, our “goal” is really several goals. Among these are:

  • Marine Conservation: We’re bolstering awareness of key environmental concerns that directly affect divers. By working with organizations like ProjectAWARE, National Marine Sanctuaries, and others, 50dives will be able to directly influence the efforts of divers right at the water’s edge. Divers will be given the opportunity to make a difference right then. Far more powerful than messaging through the media, we’re getting divers into the water, armed and ready to make a significant difference on that very dive.
  • Diving Safety: Organizations like DAN have played a critical role in the evolution of diving safety world-wide. Best practices like planning and predive checks are promoted in every certification course. But, too often divers forget the most basic practices that can mean the difference between an annoyance and a tragedy. In addition to promoting safety related organizations, a major component of every state’s dive will be reinforcing top-of-the-mind awareness of the things divers can do to make every dive as safe as it is enjoyable.
  • Sponsor Visibility: We know we’re asking a lot of our sponsors. The reality is it’s going to require a huge amount of time and resources to achieve the far-reaching impact that is our goal. Much of that falls on the shoulders of our primary sponsors, and we believe everyone should know who you are. Details of how we’ll accomplish that are outlined below.
  • Local Dive Shop Support: Dive retailers are at the core of our industry. They carry the burdens all retailers face; competition, shrinking margins, rising costs, etc., along with those that are unique to diving–not the least of which, is getting divers safely back on shore after every dive. 50dives is all about the local dive shop. With this in mind, every dive is an event centered around those who are the most closely involved with the divers themselves.
  • Public Interest in Diving: One of the fundamentals of dive site selection is the ability to reach as many people as possible and get them excited about joining in. Wherever possible, PADI Discover Scuba Diving, or similar opportunities will be available for those inspired to give it a try. 50dives is also a campaign to show what great things divers are up to, and will be promoted through public relations efforts beginning long before the dives themselves.
  • Diving Industry Growth: Whether through new divers, or broadening the skills of those who are already certified, 50dives provides opportunities to participate right at home. And since 50dives is a record breaking expedition, media interest is a given. In essence, everything about the 50dives expedition is centered around ensuring the future health of our industry.

Your Role

Put simply, your role is to make 50dives possible. Traveling from state to state making dives is one thing. Making the expedition a national event that exposes diving to hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people is something different altogether. For that, it’s going to take dedicated support on a significant level. Depending on the type of organization, your involvement may take several forms.

  • Financial: Support in the form of direct monetary contributions. Contact Joe Ross ( for a detailed expedition budget.
  • Ground Transportation: The expedition requires two tour-style coaches, plus a diving equipment trailer. It will be necessary to have drivers available to maintain a 24 hour transportation schedule.
  • Air Transporation: The only dive that requires a flight is from Lake Tahoe, California to Kona, Hawaii. Flying to Hawaii is only possible utilizing an aircraft capable of maintaining a pressure altitude less than 7,000 ft. above our Lake Tahoe dive site. That, along with the narrow transporation window, make private charter the only reliable option.
  • Diving equipment: Our dives range from cold water environments like the Alaskan Pacific and Great Lakes, to tropcal Hawaiian reefs, and everything in between. Most dives are planned within shallow, recreational limits; however, there will be a handful of technical dives. A detailed overview of all the dives, along with the required equipment, will be available in the coming months. Our preference is to match diving gear to simplify maintenance and provide uniformity.
  • Cameras and crew: At the very least, 50dives will maintain a constant online presence with multiple daily video uploads, above and below the water surface. Additionally, it will be necessary to provide footage daily, to local and national media outlets. Additional televised media opportunities are being explored.
  • Demo equipment onsite: One key attraction to certified divers is the ability to learn about and try new gear. This also provides a direct selling opportunity for the local dive shop organizing the event.

What 50dives will do for you

It’s nice to be recognized, and we want everybody to know it was you that made the journey possible. With that in mind, all of our major sponsors will receive the following at minimum:

  1. Logos and/or other branded visuals on ground vehicles and aircraft
  2. Banners and signage with your brand and message prominently displayed at each state’s diving event
  3. Individual landing page on dedicated to your organization, recognizing your support on this website
  4. Your organization’s logo included on all printed materials (except non-marketing materials like liability releases, etc.)
  5. Your logo printed or embroidered on apparel created for the event
  6. Your logo and primary message included in all mass email communications
  7. Link to your website
  8. Inclusion in media releases, both national and local inviting press to cover, or even take part in the festivities
  9. National visibility through public relations efforts

Making it happen

To get started, please provide a little information using the form below. We will contact you to discuss the possibilities and see how our goals align. Although, the 50dives expedition is shaping up quickly, there’s still a lot of planning and work to do, so the sooner we talk the better. If you prefer, email Joe Ross or call (775) 772-3264 with any specific questions.

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