Why Sponsor 50dives?

When you sponsor 50dives, you’ll be a critical part of something very cool. More than that, it’s good for the diving industry, good for the environment and good for the divers all over the United States who will participate. You’ll be recognized in 50 states as the force behind a diving event that’s nothing like anything that’s been attempted before. 50dives is unique in that it involves every facet of the diving industry. It is a merging of a conservation effort, national fun dive, beach cleanup, two-month long demo day, scuba industry promotion and world record diving event, all in one giant effort.

Types of Sponsorship


[info_box icon_url=”http://50dives.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/sponsor-major.png” alt=”title-1″ id=”inb_1″ type_column=”alpha” title=”Major Sponsors”]Larger institutional givers, corporations and individuals that share our passion for the aquatic world and wish to be a prominent part of our journey.


[info_box icon_url=”http://50dives.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/sponsor-individual.png” alt=”title-2″ id=”inb_2″ type_column=”” title=”Individual Supporters”]We appreciate any support you can offer. Even $5 or $10 moves us closer to our goal. Then, when we reach your state, come say hello and make a dive with us.


[info_box icon_url=”http://50dives.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/sponsor-event.png” alt=”title-3″ id=”inb_3″ type_column=”omega” title=”Event Sponsors”]If you are a shop owner or dive club, we need you. Each of our 50 dives is organized around a ProjectAWARE Dive Against Debris and more.



Who’d have thought traveling 17,103 miles to make scuba diving history would be so expensive?!

Please Help Us

To make this expedition a reality, we need resources, and that means financial support. At today’s prices, the fuel cost alone is daunting. Add to that, food, breathing gases, huge amounts of diving equipment, emergency oxygen, support personnel, vehicle rentals, camera equipment, printed materials, the list goes on…

Of course, that’s what makes 50dives so exciting. It’s complicated and expensive, and 50 straight days on the road managing divers, equipment, road crews, media and the public will be gruelling. On the other hand, we have an opportunity to promote awareness of our fragile aquatic environment, and encourage people not only to get out and dive, but to make their dives purposeful in ways they had never considered.

Join us, and together, let’s make 50dives the most exciting, most inclusive and most fun diving event in history!